Facts About Various Types of Elevators

Elevators are used to mechanically transport people or things from one level to another within a building. Almost every building with multiple stories will have at least one elevator. The number will depend upon how large the building is. Not all elevators are for public use. Sometimes specific ones will be reserved for staff members and those conducting official business. In the U.S. one of the buildings with the most elevators is the Empire State Building. Within those walls, there are 73 total. This number includes those that are reserved for service professionals. Here are some facts about various types of elevators.

Hydraulic Elevator

Powered by a hydraulic system, this type of elevator can be used for buildings with two to eight stories. Their maximum travel speed is 200 feet per minute. The equipment room for this elevator type will be found on the lowest level of the building next to the shaft. Three different types of hydraulic elevators are available; Rope-less, Hole-less and Conventional. Each of these types function a little differently. Specifications on number of stories and travel speed stays the same. More information about this type of elevator can be obtained from an elevator manufacturer in the USA.


Geared and Gear-less Traction Elevators

Geared types have a box that drives the wheel and moves the rope. The travel speed is approximately 500 feet per minute. Gear-less traction has no gearbox. The wheel is attached right to the motor. This elevator can travel as much as 2000 feet per minute. Elevator manufacturers indicate that this and all types of equipment should be inspected on a routine basis. The initial cost of the gear-less type is high but they are more energy efficient than those with geared traction. Height restrictions are controlled by the weight and length of the operating cables.

Machine Room-Less Elevators

This type of elevator does not have a separate machine room, per say. The machine is accessible through the top of the elevator car. This is how the elevator is accessed for repairs and maintenance. There is a separate control room which will be located on the highest level of the building within approximately 150 feet of the actual machine. Travel distance is approximately 250 feet. They are energy efficient and take up much less space than others. The manufacturer of mrl elevators can provide you with additional information and specifics related to each type of elevator.


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